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Ba Bao Cha ( Eight Treasures) ( Caffeine Free ) ( 5 / 10 packets )

$ 15.50

A full and fruity traditional blend of nine herbal: jujube date, longan, goji, ginseng, hawthorn fruit, tangerine peel, Chinese licorice, chrysanthemum, and young bamboo leaf.

Our Eight Treasures was formulated by a highly - regarded herbalist local to Sichuan province. The recipe was written to yield a rich herbal brew, balanced in its components to be both nutritious and gentle enough to drink every day. The herbs in our Eight Treasures herbal tea are sourced individually and fresh each season. Eight Treasures is a very popular herbal tea throughout China.

The herbs include:

  • Jujube date for the blood
  • Gui yuan ( longan ) for the blood
  • Goji ( wolfberries ) for the liver and kidneys
  • Ginseng for energy
  • Sahn zha ( hawthorn fruit ) for digestion
  • Chengpi (tangerine peel ) for digestion
  • High elevation snow chrysanthemum flower for the respiratory system
  • Young bamboo leaves for cooling
  • Chinese licorice to soothe the throat 

Used for balanced support of the immune system in Chinese herbalism.

Tea Origin: Sichuan province, China

Qty: one packet. Temp: 212°F

Infusion: 5 minutes.

This herbal tea is good for 4 infusions.

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