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Da Fo Long Jing (Big Buddha Dragon Well ) ( 25g )

Da Fo Long Jing (Big Buddha Dragon Well ) ( 25g )

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 Organic Green Tea                                                                                         Long Jing means "Dragon Well," the most famous style of Chinese green tea.This tea has a whole tender, leaf, flattened like a bookmark by the master's hand as he presses it against the hot wok. Long Jing is produced in many different regions, but our Da Fo is from Zhejiang, the province where Long Jing originated. Enjoy this tea's floral aroma and mellow taste.

Tea Origin: Zhejiang, China                                                                                               Harvest Time: end of March 

Brewing Guidelines:                                                                                               

Teaware: 16 oz glass or porcelain pot.Amount: 1 Tsb of tea leaves.                                      Water: 185°F filtred water                                                                                 

Infusion: 1st infusion at least 2 minutes. The leaves are good for multiple infusions.

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