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Black Tea

Black tea, known to the Chinese as red tea, is the most common product of the tea bush, produced by encouraging freshly picked tea leaves to darken with large amount of cellular oxidation. Black tea is consumed all over the world, although it is the least popular style of tea in China.

The range in quality is greater in black tea than any other – most is grown and mechanically harvested on a huge scale in places like India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. China’s main black tea producing regions; the province of Yunnan, Anhui, and the legendary Lapsang farm in Tong Mu Village of the Wu Yi Mountains are finally being acknowledged in China as genuinely top quality teas in their own right. They are hand-picked and laboriously hand processed, achieving the exact amount of oxidation (exposure to air at the critical stage in processing, which is also known as fermentation) to produce the unique rich, robust black tea flavor and beautiful amber to red color.