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Tiger Lily Tea

2012 Gong Ting Black Puer (50g/100g)

2012 Gong Ting Black Puer (50g/100g)

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2012 Gong Ting Loose Leaf  Black (shu) Puer is a Fermented tea.

This comes from Xishuangbana in the area around old Puer City from bushes 60-100 years old.The tea leaf size is very even and the pluckings were of young leaves and buds, in the style historically made only for the empress's palace. The leaves are bright and brownish red when brewed. There is no flavor of composting and the flavor is rich with a sweet aftertaste.

Helps with Diabetes, Cholesterol, Digestion and Weight loss, Lung and Liver, Anti-inflammatory properties.

 Tea Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Harvest Time: April-May

Brewing Guidelines
Brewing vessel: 12 oz. glass, porcelain, or yi xing clay pot
Amount: 1 Tbs of tea leaves
Water: 212°F filtered water
Infusion: 1st infusion at least 1 minute. The leaves are good for multiple infusions.

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